Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hello Friends!

You will learn quickly that my passion is teaching children! Children learn with their eye-wide-open, and they remind us of important life lessons we tend to forget as busy adults. I am a life-long learner, therefore I see myself as a big child who has as much of a thirst for discovery and adventure as they do.

My career began working with emotionally and socially troubled youth in residential and community settings. This experience solidified the importance of providing children with love, attention, respect, praise and discipline, food, shelter, and safety- the basics in life, to build a strong, life-sustaining foundation for them to grow on.This foundation is what I try to help my children in my classroom build every day, so that they do not have to waste precious time as young adults trying to break unhealthy patterns and habits.Children should be provided with structure, educational stimulation, and love above all, to give them the courage to grow and prosper.

I have become deeply saddened over the years that society has peeled itself away from the belief that it takes a community to raise a child...because it does. We are all growing older as adults and we will come to the end of our journey...children are on our heels. What are we modeling and leaving behind for that next generation already beginning their walk down life's lane? How are we not all responsible to put our hands and hearts together to support the youth around us that will some day become citizens in our society.


  1. My career also started out teaching emotionally and socially troubled youth in a private school setting. I agree that is it extremely important to provide these children with a sense of love, attention, respects, a feeling of safety and belonging, along with a sense of discipline. Although, it may seem hard to love every student at every moment, I feel it is extremely important to provide your students with the sense that they are welcomed and cared for.

  2. I agree Katie! Many of these children never know unconditional love and sincere encouragement until they hopefully reach supportive teachers and care workers in their life. So I feel honored to ba a person who does my best to show them what I was lucky enough to experience from my own family. After all, we all owe it to ourselves and others to pay-it-forward.